Work out during bed time!

Sex therapist and personal trainer Vanessa Castro and Madeline Castellanos guidelines is aimed at women, but there is nothing to prevent the men from trying and searching for their own versions. Work out these muscle groups while having sex!

1. Front thighs

Climb aboard ride the man on top. But instead of pressing your knee against the mattress turn your legs so that you lean on the bed feet. Froggy like set might not be the most sexiest looking, but it will work out in the thigh muscles in just fine.

2. Breast

Go to the fours, and let the man take you back like that. In addition, you will get pleasure at the same time, also in the upper torso, a workout, because you have to support the weight with your hands. An additional challenge to get by doing push-ups during sexual intercourse.

3. your buttocks and back thighs

Dance rehearsal to succeed during sex lunge position. Ask the men to sit on the couch or in a Chair. Get your feet on the couch in her arms, put your left and right on the floor. In this way you can be in the left and right leg during sex. Switch legs halfway through, so the muscles will develop steadily. If your sofa or Chair is so high that you have to stand on your toes, you work out your calf at the same time.

4. the buttocks

Butt can be enhanced by applying the missionary position. Keep your head and shoulders onto the chassis, and lift the back arc. Butt lift as high as you can and hold it up as long as you can. Already starting to burn!