Use your all 5 sense in bed

All five of our senses activation makes sex overall pleasure.

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When you think of sex, what comes first to mind? The most common perception of sex is based, above all, how we will react to the event and how to touch. The touch, however, is only one part of the area: we have four more objectively, the sense that you should also take advantage of during sex.

1. Touch

In our bodies and minds happens a lot already before having sex. Where does the experience of pleasure, then actually starts? The fact that you can see a glimpse of her skin or the fact that he touches you?

Training in the early stages of the slightest skin contact can arouse desires. But what about when we are already accustomed to contact with the partner, and it no longer during sex seem to be particularly tickling. The depth of the moment can apply for a soak in the partner regions of the erogenig touch. Also, you can obtain a new dimension about tantra sex life.

One way to experience the thrills of the profound pleasure and passion lies in kissing. When you kiss him, sensed her whole kehollasi. And when you have reached foreplay stage, keep it for at least ten minutes: foreplay to strengthen and increase erection orgasm.

2. Fragrances

People care about pheromones, chemical substances, which make us sexually attracted to a man. Our sormal smell is, therefore, of great importance in how atratic with your partner you will experience each other.

According to the researchers, women have a more sensitive sense of smell than males. It is easy to believe: If a man smells good, her head inside the already-born type perceptions are falling down quickly. A man may be a good-looking and comfortable, but he does not necessarily “in the way” on the basis of the first impression of a spark – until you realize that he smells irresistible. Just the aroma can elicit a reaction that you want from wherever you’re standing against him, nuzzle.

During sex with the fragrances are of particular importance. First, we can smell the SOAP as our partner in the skin, then our senses, the intense moments during her damp skin and we also own tuoksumme. Also, in retrospect, a reminder of the passionate moment is still there – the sex smells are still in the air. And if the sex was good, within us is the desire to maintain the lover’s scent.

sex, the senses, scents

Erotic downloads can also add flavorings to the room through the air. For example, try santelipuun, musky or vanilla fragrance.

3. the Voices

Respiratory, scream and pushing, that is, how the frenzy against him. It’s the sound when oral hit the language during the “right to the point.” And, for a moment, when you hear that she gets an orgasm.

Good sex should not be included. It is much horny than the fact that you’ll find the quiet during sex act in the House or cat listen steps in the sandbox. If the partner does not hold any kind of sound, wakes up easily in the question where his mind is right now and whether he was at all?

The pleasures of imagination, fueled by an unusually strong and reflect the voices of the tickling mind dirty, even primitive, caches. The sounds tell during sex what words are rarely adequate. Here we climbed over the border, this was awesome!

Also, the words have meaning. Ask your partner to tell you how your body feels when he touches you. Also tell your own thoughts to her about what a lovemaking seemed. You can also tell him, what are you going to do next – or what would you do for him!

4. viewing the

If someone claims that a woman is not a Visual creature of claimed is certainly not in a woman. If we see a handsome man, we immediately to his charm.
When can we watch men – even if he himself isnt know this.

Man, which Cook without a shirt, or walks into the shower after innocently naked around, there is something unexplainable force, for which our brains are exploding in the signal. When the partner is not aware that he is viewed, the situation is a special download: you know the man, but it is not “me and he” situation. It is just he. Just because the situation there is something much more tickling than that half naked man deliberately posing for you.

sex and the senses, watching, the man

Watching is not usually subject to any excitement, but human beings that we love and we want to see. This can be explained by the fact that we already have a ready indication of which areas of his body, are particularly attractive.

It already knew that that the men go to the Visual ärsykkeistä messed up, always a uurretusta neck slot ever since. In particular, the long relationship of Visual significance, however, remains over time easily eclipsed. Remember the time-to-time to invest, in particular, make sure you don’t go to bed in an old flanelliyö shirt. Also, for example, to view a movie with an erotic with a partner can confirm rakastelemisen nautinnollisuutta.

5. the taste of

According to some beliefs, certain foods stimulate the sexual sexual arousal. One example is the endorphins that contains chocolate: these proteins can create the body, calm and good feeling, which is likely also to sexual desires. Different flavours can also remind you that you have an urgent request by the moments afterward, along with spent.

sex, the flavors, the oyster

Much of the zinc-containing oysters is believed to provide a boost for the love and fertility. According to studies, the oysters also contain sex hormones, which stimulate the production of amino acids.

Hops are not actually improve the quality of sex, but few with a glass of wine can be a positive, relaxing effect: it can deaden the inhibitions and through it, to add to the enjoyment.