These things show that you belong to be together

These signs will tell you that there is something more serious going on.

1. do you have a lot of the same interests. They may have the same hobbies, favorite programs, or favorite foods. In any case, thanks to them, you will always have some common point of reference to which to return.

2. not everything need not share. There is actually a good thing, if both sides also have their own interests.

3. you will be able to know each other, and to tell the darkest secrets.

4. you will not be able to keep the näppejä away from each other. Physical attraction is important, even if it is not the be-all and end-all.

5. Try new things together. Whether it be a special trip or just a new hobby, learning is good for the relationship if you are able to learn new skills and share experiences together.

6. Tou argue in a constructive way. None of the in relation to conflicts cannot be avoided. But if you are able to negotiate and agree on the contradictions, are things very well.

7. do you accept one another’s families and friends.

8. do you have the same values. Common values is better, if both wants a single-family home and two children. Or, if both are convinced that life belongs to spend the reppureissaten around the world without useless ballast.

9. let go of one another’s sentences. The clichéd story, but if you feel you are really someone else’s so well that you know what he thinks, telling it that you can both have your own self up in the company.