These things mens hate during sex

Sweat, smells and weird sounds during sex. In any other situation they would be disgusted, but during sex, they may seem like turn on woman. Thus, notes from the Archives of Sexual Behavior-journal appeared on the research. Depending on the effect, however, applies only to women.

What, then, will be disgusted? It is, of course, individual, but studies suggest that at least four of these are many men felt uncomfortable.

1. jump back to the bed, directly after a workout

Evolution and Human Behavior, according to the study, which appeared in the publication-nasty-smelling female body eats the interest in sex. The smell of a knock-on effect is greater than that of a woman’s voice, or the soft skin brought on by the charm. Visit to the shower before bed to misappropriate! Also, breathing the bad smell of eating desires, at least if it is chronic.

2. the uncertainty in the

Embrassing of stripping clothes in front of her? Would you turn men side, when he gives you oral sex? Or are you just completely silently and still? All of these communicate the kill bits and sexual uncertainty and eat her desires.

3. you are talking too serious

Riettaat speeches can be a fun and exciting sex life spice. But too much is too much, and can kill desires. So, what do you think and talk openly about what you want, before you try anything.

4. you kiss him immediately after oral sex

For some people this is an absolute no. For others, the only worse thing. You should therefore wait a second before you kiss, or at least ask whether the case is okay.