Six fast ways to better bed time

With these easy steps you can show your partner how much you appreciate him.

1. close on Smartphone

If the common meal is spent on Facebook or Twitter, selaten is the best to shove the phone aside. Computers in Human Behavior, according to the study, which appeared in the publication, a hard-working social media usage to eat a couple of happiness.

2. Go to bed at the same time

Do you feel like that you have never freetime have in common? Go to sleep, and at the same time, you will be able to be alone together. No harm, even if you are night person. If you are bright you can wait around on the bed until the second to fall asleep.

3. who are the sweetheart Cup of coffee

The small, friendly gestures to indicate to another, how much you love him. For example, a morning tea decoction can delight in the juggling act. A University of Michigan researcher Terri Orbuchin according to the everyday kindness awards are a clear sign of relationship happiness. If another makes regular small favors, know this that he considered to be taken for granted.

4. work out in one

Exercise is good for your sex life. It improves endurance, strength and suppleness. The sweaty harder way: it also affected the freedom of the body with endorphins, which also increase the appetite. It is therefore common to fitness moments of support!

5. Seek to have sex in a new place

If your sex life feeling stopped, you might want to try something new. Even if just for a second room or other places where it has not previously tried. How would even love the moment in the kitchen?

6. Praise is due!

When the second help you or does something that makes it would be quite special, remember to thank him. I saw another note, make sure you do not like his services for granted. What have you thanked a second ever just for the fact that he is a part of your life? Also, this would be worth it.