How to start doing “it” again

It may seem like a jump in cold water. Single, a divorced or widower may be a previous sex time with a new partner for many years. If the last had sex with a stranger in her early twenties she is a different person so mentally than the forties in body. In this case, the first time can seem almost virginity loss.

Many are unsure about before for the first time. In the most common solutions for neurosic.

Whether my body shape?

Last dating I was young and good body. Now it has become weight, breastfeeding has stretched breasts and pregnancies appear in the body. For this all?

Of course, the new look – Adults before the sexual relationship, whether I am an adequate and desirable. Weight loss and bad face, however, they are generally more confident than that, despite young age. Many middle aged woman carries with pride get in, as it has done for many, let the Kolster says.

Sex is as an adult, often better than at a young age, not least because of the adult woman feels better in your body, know how it works and where to enjoy. The woman’s poise on the bed is partter too sexy.

And now follows the shock revelation: mature men know how an ordinary woman looks like. They do not expect perfection, or the young girl’s body, but are pleased to have sex – that they themselves are not perfect.
What should you know?

Nowadays, a lot of talk about the foot and enjoy anal sex and wild experiments. Whether this all know?

– It is true that especially young people are experimenting with these stuff, adults more than before. But it is not an assumption, that all of these should do, Kolster says.

Apparently, especially the first few times with a new partner, whether it is in the vicinity and, above all, to another, exploring. There is the sense of ten different position of the list.

– You should proceed slowly and listen to what this feels like. Although familiar with your own body, you can’t know what the other likes. So the new partner may seem just a touch different than ex.

Enter a new relative to the work that the Kolster sees a man can get carried away and have all kinds of sex than in the former. She encourages clients to try new stuff, if it’s only a modicum of interest.

Kolsterin, apparently there is a green area, which is nice and secure, but maybe a little bit boring. The Red region things are those which are most definitely not my things I love, and this limit should be respected.

But in between are orange range, which, for its part, does not seem to be pretty and unremarkable, but may a little titillating. When there has been together for a little while and rely on each other, you should grab the opportunity, if the partner is proposing. It can extend the sex lives of many.
Hair off?

When the swimming pool looking around, and at least every second woman has removed hair. Will i show off with my bush or go to waxing?

– Both men and women, now more than before, to smarten up the hair and it is the trend of the adult males and females. But it does not mean completely in porcelain, Kloster says.
is he nervous?

I will admit that the first time sex in years makes me nervous-but maybe he thinks of bringing himself as well?

– I would say that every man thinks before the first time a new woman with that will work at all, let the Kolster says.

It is not uncommon that a man does not live up to if he is very nervous. He is lucky, if the partner is an adult woman who understands that this is normal and does not take the matter itself.

– If it is not given in the moment too much meaning, the man can still start in the same situation to stand.
If the sex is bad?

Oops, I’ve ended up with the type of interest in the bed, and expectations are high. But it does not seem to be in any way – or does not work at all. Was this in?

-If the type is otherwise wonderful, so I trow him, due to the bad times, Yes, sex. I would go to the fact that I need to open up to their own sexuality and sex world, let the Kolster says.

As an adult, knows himself, hopes and needs, but the second man can’t read minds. Sex is rarely the best, for the first time with a new partner. It gets better when you learn a second and have the courage to tell you where really likes. However, sometimes it may happen that the sex ratio of the source does not improve or build on.

-Mature woman knows what she wants and that is usually already enjoys the right to sex with your partner. He won’t settle for just anything.

Still I dare?

I am over 70 and previous sexual relationship at the time. I would even go so far as to throw themselves into the artists!?

– Equal to the part of the 70 than the 20 people to have sex, let the Kolster recalls.

Sex is not to reject only as a result of age, because it can bring to life a lot of joy and pleasure. Prevention and the time for timidity can by now forgotten.