For better mating life

Competitive society is often confused with the sexual performance, and sexual gratification. So says french doctor, Frédéric Saldmann common sense is the best medicine.

He tells you how to sex life can improve even further:

1. the deterioration of the sexual desire is a common phenomenon that can happen at any stage of life. You should first check whether there are any fatigue from season one of the medicinal product. For example, some cholesterol medications and birth control pills to reduce drop and sexual sexual arousal. In this case, is enough to change the product to another.

2. According to the study, the pistachios will have a positive impact on a man’s erectile function while they improve blood lipid profile. Pistachio contains unsaturated fatty acids, fiber and cholesterol-lowering effect of the fytosterolia, which are well known.

3. a Kiss is worth. In studies it has been discovered that saliva increases sexual desire, because it contains the testosterone. Testosterone triggers for both men and women with strong sexual I spent. In the second stage of a enjoy hormone of dopamine secretion. Thirdly, kissing secreted by the oxytocin, which is in the proximity and the pleasure hormone.

4. a Kiss to relieve the stress. The man in the saliva of female pheromones change the partner’s emotional space. The men’s and women’s a kiss after the examination of the trends in the cortisol level has been identified in the invoice of the hormonal changes. Cortisol post, in turn, is considered as a marker of biological stress. A massage is a powerful stress-relieving effect.

5. the Alpine grizzled skipper has incredible power. According to the American study by sheer intensive Alpine grizzled skipper can awaken the gaze is the subject of the emotion. The unknown to each other, the couples were given a survey to tell you half an hour of daily life and even the intimate things about themselves. After the couples were not allowed to speak to each other in the eye, but received a letter to look exactly four minutes. Most participants admitted to feeling watching this long fascination with the consequences of deep into the eyes of your partner, which they were not familiar with half an hour earlier. Half a year later, the two pairs of which were involved in the study were married to each other.

6. find a real sexual road. When the man to build their lives in a way that is in contradiction with the essence of your deepest, he’s just lying to themselves and to their environment. Pretending to give life in the grey hue and cause a huge, unexplained fatigue.

7. According to the investigations carried out by a woman’s tears reduce men’s turn on and sexual desire. The weeping woman sends a series of chemical signals that cause a man’s testosterone level in the Bill. The chemical composition of ingredients are not yet known, and no men’s studies have been made of tears signals.

8. Skill to listen is important. The fact that listening to what the other says, and not to think about the answer in advance, requires great concentration. Very few people know how to really listen. You need to really listen what the other says.