Are you dating narcissist? Look these things

The narcissist suffers from a personality disorder, which is why he has the great illusions about themselves. The narcissist cant feel emphaty, and he has a strong need for admiration. The narcissist feels entitled to discrimination so and is jealous or arrogant. Other people, he can use the exploit. However, if they wish, the narcissist […]

Work out during bed time!

Sex therapist and personal trainer Vanessa Castro and Madeline Castellanos guidelines is aimed at women, but there is nothing to prevent the men from trying and searching for their own versions. Work out these muscle groups while having sex! 1. Front thighs Climb aboard ride the man on top. But instead of pressing your knee […]

5 Awkward bedroom situations for men

Embarrassing situations can happen to anyone at any time. These five are quite common, but they can also find out! 1. you can’t get it up You can be stressed out, or taken too many beers. In any case, it does not work. A clever, if the Lord tells her partner came to compliment too […]