5 things about testicles

Did you already know everything about testicles? Read the list and be surprised!

1. do not squeeze too much!

Excessive likistely can be life threatening. If the testicles squeezed too tightly, can the amount of adrenaline in the body be deadly.

2. Bigger

Testicular size can nearly double during sex.

3. prophylaxis?

Canada New Brunswick native people cooked tea for Beaver testicles. The tea was used to prevent pregnancy.

4. the Biggest

The largest known human scrotum weighed more than 50 pounds. The plaintiff, in Las Vegas lived in Wesley Warren, was suffering from an illness which kerrytti of fluid in his testicles.

5. President method

The President of the United States Lyndon b. Johnsonistä told in anecdotal stories, according to which he was commissioned by the trousers, which was especially a lot of space for the testicles.