5 Awkward bedroom situations for men

Embarrassing situations can happen to anyone at any time. These five are quite common, but they can also find out!

1. you can’t get it up

You can be stressed out, or taken too many beers. In any case, it does not work. A clever, if the Lord tells her partner came to compliment too much or if the ruffle. So he doesn’t, at least not in the area suspect that the bug is in him.

2. Cumming too early

Quickie cum is quite common. But not to worry. Only a very few woman Gets an orgasm only sexual intercourse, so he probably just enjoys if you continue by other means. Try your hands, oral sex or even a sex toy.

3. You will be suspended

The phone rings, the dog jumps on the bed or a roommate to open the door in the middle of everything. If the reason is one that does not require urgent attention, let it be and focus on sex. You can just call back later. But if it is an emergency situation, it is necessary to say that the partner will be continued at a later date, and to go to sort things out.

4. Nature calls the wrong moment

It is, in short, is going, but you have to fart, burp, or go pee? Embarrassing. But it can not be other than to acknowledge that it was able to visit and laugh. At least you will have a fun-filled memory later.

5. you left him in the cold

What to do if a woman is not what you seem to be happy with anything during sex do you do? Try to keep up with his body language and reactions. Movements, respiration and vote may note what works and what does not. And always there is also suorempikin way: ask naiseltasi what he likes and what he wants you to do. So swallow your pride and open your mouth.


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