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For better mating life

Competitive society is often confused with the sexual performance, and sexual gratification. So says french doctor, Frédéric Saldmann common sense is the best medicine. He tells you how to sex life can improve even further: 1. the deterioration of the sexual desire is a common phenomenon that can happen at any stage of life. You […]

Facts about dicks

We present a number of morphological data of mens penis. 7.6-12.7 cents: the sluggish average length of the penis. 12.7-17.8 cents: the average length of the penis during erection. 2.5 cents: Shortest that scientist Alfred Kinsey has found. 34.3 cents on the long, circumference 15.9 cents: the biggest penis, which is medically valid evidence. Micro […]

These things show that you belong to be together

These signs will tell you that there is something more serious going on. 1. do you have a lot of the same interests. They may have the same hobbies, favorite programs, or favorite foods. In any case, thanks to them, you will always have some common point of reference to which to return. 2. not […]

Six fast ways to better bed time

With these easy steps you can show your partner how much you appreciate him. 1. close on Smartphone If the common meal is spent on Facebook or Twitter, selaten is the best to shove the phone aside. Computers in Human Behavior, according to the study, which appeared in the publication, a hard-working social media usage […]