Dating tips that are worth of gold

Still looking for the right one? Here is a list of best online dating sites.

7 Golden tips for online dating

1. Know what you want

If you dont know what kind of relationship youre after, a dating site wont help.

2. Choose both a ninche and a large dating site.

Why both? By choosing both a large and a ninche site youll be getting the best of two worlds. Large sites offer a larger list of singles, when a ninche sites let you focus on one special characteristic or hobby.

3. Date safe

Choose a safe dating site, share only appropriate amounts of information online and be aware of how to stay safe on a first date and every date after.

4. Know what makes a good date

Before you ever go out, youll nees to first know what your idea of a good is. Why? Because meeting the right person mean staying true to your own needs, beliefs and values.

5. Create a unique profile

Although challenging, creatating a unique and genuine profile will help you stand out and win over better matches. Always try to write positively. So before you hit “done” give your profile a careful critique – youll be happy you did.

6. Post recent pictures

Your main photo should be less than six months old and just of you. Make it memorable by including something you love — think your favorite place or hobby.

7. Learn how to communicate online

Take some time to understand the basic language and etiquette of online communications if you arent already net savvy. See our handy guides on this site for all the acronyms and emoticons youll ever need.